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Thank you for your interest in receiving weekly emails from Christ Community.  As you know, emails are a great way to stay informed and connected with what is happening at Christ Community.  We promise to never abuse our email privileges.  With all of our email lists, expect 1-2 emails per week.  Questions? Send them to

Weekly Community Update

One of our main ways of communicating with you is through our weekly Community Update email. Sent out every Friday, this email is meant to keep you updated about ministries, news and events going on at Christ Community. This is a great way to stay informed and up to date on all things Christ Community!

Prayer Update

We are a community of faith and that means we are a community that prays for each other. Written by Pastor Chad and sent out every Monday, this email is meant to start your week off in prayer for those in need. Nothing more & nothing less. Just an invitation to spend a few moments in silence and prayer as another week begins.

Children Ministry Newsletter

For all things Children Ministry! Written by Lisa Applegate, our Director of Children’s Ministry, and sent out every quarter, this is a great resource for parents involved in our Children Ministry program. From helpful tips to devotionals to information about events, programs and opportunities to volunteer – this newsletter has it all!