About Us

Who we are and what we value

We Value Extending Grace

All of life is a gift of grace.  From the big (gravity, food, forgiveness) to the small (community, refreshment, compassion) we’ve encountered God’s grace. To live the Christian faith is to live in light of God’s grace for us.  That recognition compels us to extend grace to the guest, the enemy, the stranger and the brother or sister in need.  If you are looking for a gracious Christian community to journey with, take a first step and join us on a Sunday morning.

We Value Equipping and Empowering People

The church is more than a holy huddle.  It’s a movement and movements need people in motion.  So we dedicate time and attention to equipping and empowering people to listen, act and serve in their communities.

We Value Relationships

God is about community and so are we. At Christ Community we emphasize the call to relationships with God, each other and the world around us.

We Value the Faith Walk of Children

For over 50 years Christ Community’s greatest strength and passion has been walking alongside children and their families as faith develops.  From the newborn infant to the graduating high-school senior, we believe our role is to support, educate and empower each child as the faith they were raised with becomes their own.

We Value Spiritual Growth

We value helping people take one more step in their journey with Christ.

Think of spiritual growth like childhood.  The first few months aren’t marked by major accomplishments, but slowly and with enough encouragement, when the time is right, crawling, walking, talking and dancing come naturally!  Just like that, we want to help anyone take their next step of faith.


Our community’s primary gathering is Sunday mornings when young and old, rich and poor gather for worship.  We don’t worship ourselves or our preferences. We do our best to worship God using words, scriptures, images and songs that become our own expressions of hope, longing, trust, lament and praise.  This weekly gathering is essentially tied to our scattering as a people formed by the grace and love of Christ.

Join us for worship every Sunday at 9:30AM
Worship is casual.  Come as you are, for all are welcomed!